NEMA and Speke Hotel (1996) Ltd agree on stopping lake degradation at Kitubulu

Press Statement:

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and Speke Hotel (1996) Limited this morning met to discuss on how to sustainably undertake the project in Kitubulu, Katabi sub-county, Wakiso District, without compromising the integrity of Lake Victoria and the surrounding environment.

Speke Hotel (1996) Limited, is led by Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia.

The project was halted by NEMA for breach of conditions of approval that required the developer to first obtain a permit for developments in a lake shore before commencing. There were also concerns of lake shore degradation from soil siltation into Lake Victoria, contrary to conditions of approval in the Environment and Social Impact Assessment Certificate No. NEMA/EIA/11651 issued to the developer in 2020.

During a meeting, chaired by NEMA Executive Director, Dr. Barirega Akankwasah, at the NEMA Head Office, it was resolved as follows;

1.The Stop Notice issued to Speke Hotel (1996) Limited on December 10, 2021 by NEMA will remain inforce until the Developer’s Lakeshore user permit application submitted to NEMA last year is disposed of.

2.The developer should explore design adjustments to take care of the impacts of the rising water levels of Lake Victoria so that the developer’s portion of the land taken up by the lake is kept as a lake or used for non-permanent structure uses like a beach.

3.Excavation of murrum from burrow pits without approvals should stop immediately, and the relevant approvals should be sought in accordance with the law.

4.As an instant mitigation measure, the murram that has been dumped at the fringes of the lakeshore line MUST be immediately drawn backwards and levelled to avoid any siltation of the lake.

5.All construction on site remains suspended until relevant permits have been obtained; except for the gatehouse which is far from the lake shoreline.

6.The developer to submit weekly reports of compliance to the issued NEMA Stop Notice and resolutions of the Meeting.