President Museveni warns against Degrading Mountainous areas in Masaba Land

President YoweriMuseveni has urged the Bamasaaba in hilly and mountainous areas to stop environmental degradation on the slopes to avoid the recurring danger of landslides in the region. The President made these remarks while on a tour of landside prone areas in Sironko District, in a visit where he also consoled families that lost relatives in the recent landslides in the area. “This Masaba Mountain looks after you like a mother but it is a taboo to see your mother naked or you can get cursed. God gave cloth to our mother Masaba which are the forest and grass," the President said and in a direct call for environmental stewardship added that "Let's agree to look after our mother just as she has looked after us for centuries." The President also said that he had mobilized funds to assist the people who had settled in the mountainous areas to be relocated to safer places. In the months of May and June this year, multiple landslides ravaged Sironko District burying several people and leaving several hectares of gardens destroyed. Ends:November 23, 2017 Additional Reporting: LindahNabusayi; State House.