Training Manual for Local Environment Committees in the offing

The Government of Uganda is implementing the Uganda Inter-Fiscal Transfer (UgIFT) project to improve service delivery in the areas of Education, Health, Water and Agriculture (Micro-scale irrigation).

The project aims to address the financing challenges that local governments face leading to capacity related inefficiencies.

NEMA is one of the implementing agencies of the UgIFT programme tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that environment and social safeguards are adhered to across the different sub-programs.

Section 26 of the National Environment Act No.5 2019, provides for establishment of environmental management structures; specifically environment and natural resources environment committees at Local Government levels.

These committees are responsible for management of environment and natural resources in their respective areas of jurisdiction at the grass roots.

Thus, NEMA has commenced the process of identifying a competent consultant to develop a training manual on how to operationalize the local government environment and natural resource committees.

The manual will guide local governments on how to improve environment and natural resource management and social safeguards as per the objectives of the UgFIT project.

The Terms of reference for the consultant who will develop the training manual have been reviewed by by a multi-sectoral team of stakeholders with representation from Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development; Office of the Prime Minister; Ministry of Local Government and the Local Governments of Mukono, Wakiso, Jinja, Masaka, Mbarara and Buikwe districts.

The manual will be made public soon after finalization.