Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for the oversight mangement of the Authority; policy guidance; resource mobilization and accountability; legal advice; monitoring and evaluation; corporate commnications; internal audit; and procurement of works, goods and services (including disposal of assets). The Office also spearheads coordination with the Board, the Ministry of Water and Environment, Policy Committee on the Environment, Government Ministries and Agencies, donors, the private sector, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Directorate of Finance and Administration

The Department offers provision of administrative support to NEMA programs including human resources management, logistics, equipment, procurement, operations and maintenance. It also performs the financial management and accounting functions.

Directorate of District Support Coordination and Public Education

The Department is responsible for initiating and coordinating activities that support district and communities to address environmental issues including community training, environmental action planning, support to District Environment Departments and micro projects.

The Department promotes the integration of environmental issues in the formal, informal and non-formal education, production and dissemination of environmental education and information materials and publications, promoting adequate environmental management skills and awareness to stakeholders and the general public. A Public lecture to sensitise the school community on Climate Change held at Kitante Hill Senior Secondary School, Kampala.

Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information

The Department ensures environmental planning and development with the objective of integrating environmental concerns into the policy and planning process at all levels through assisting lead agencies to address environmental concerns and integrate them in their policies, programmes and activities.

It also coordinates the management of environment information systems at NEMA, within the lead agencies, and local governments; undertakes research and data collection, NEMA website management and is charged with production of the National State of Environment Report once every two years.

Directorate of Environment Monitoring and Compliance

The Department implements environmental monitoring and compliance of the regulated community. It ensures effective implementation of procedures and guidelines and provides technical guidance in the area of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA); carries out environmental audits and inspections to ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations.